The Design Trends 2020

The beauty of any design is in its ability to adapt readily to ongoing style and trends. If you are someone who has just moved into their dream abode or wants to renovate their house, you must be wondering what the latest design trends are.

While everyone wants their house to look the best, it can be a tad bit tricky to infuse the spaces with what is in. Therefore, to help and make it easier for you, we decided to create a short guideline for you to have an idea about what styles you need to embrace and what you must leave behind.

Without any further delay, let’s delve deeper to make your dream house a reality.

Earthy tones

Paint is probably the first thing you will decide, so let’s start off with the color.

Incorporating earthy tones is one of the most popular choices when it comes to interior design color trends of 2020. You can consider yellow ochre, olive green, or even burnt oranges. They not only bring warmth to your house but also add more life to your surrounding by forming a beautiful connection with the outdoors.

There is a lot of room for creativity if you decide to go with earth tones. For instance, wood furniture can bring everything together in terms of creating a calming outdoor environment.

Multifunctional spaces

Households worldwide are coming to terms with the growing trend of working and learning from home. Hence, the need to have a multifunctional space in the house is becoming a pressing need and a relevant design trend in 2020.

Kitchens, coupled with islands, can easily function as both the dining table and work station. Moreover, people who workout can transform their basement or unused garage in a space to keep the gym gear and workout sessions.

Floral wallpaper

There has been a massive increase in incorporating floral patterned wallpaper for some fresh vibes and appeal. Note that we are talking about contemporary styles and not those granny ones! When you do it right, a floral wallpaper indeed adds vibrancy and brightens up the whole room.

They have not been a popular choice limited to rooms only, but also for bathrooms and entry areas. In a smaller space, adding a floral wallpaper means adding an interesting and whimsical appeal. Don’t feel pressured while making a choice because there is a whole lot of variety and options to play with. So, take your time!

Canopy beds

Yes, canopy beds are back! Bedrooms are always a beautiful retreat, and canopy beds just double up the comfort your bedroom offers. The best part is how it adds a touch of both serenity and luxury. Aren’t you looking for both? However, make sure you have taken into account the size of your room and bed in addition to the frame of the bed to choose the best possible canopy. We are sure you want nothing too heavy if your room is small in size. It will only give off a cluttered and congested effect. Metal or acrylic canopies can be a smart choice.