Moving Supplies And Equipment

Now it’s time to think about how you will be physically moving your belongings. Boxes are a staple for moving. There are all different types of boxes you can choose from with specific uses: wardrobe boxes, TV boxes, file boxes, small, big, you name it, there’s a box for it! As you start getting your supplies together, make sure you get different size boxes instead of just one size.

There are many ways to get quality boxes and equipment:

  • First, try to get as many free boxes as you can.  Start with friends and family with a text or Facebook post. Many retailers get rid of boxes every day, such as liquor stores, wholesalers like Costco, big box stores like Target and Office Depot, grocery stores, or even Craigslist.
  • Next, you can buy boxes from your moving company, at your storage unit, or from retailers like Home Depot. Make sure you keep the receipt so you can return unused boxes.
  • For our eco-friendly movers, check out recycled boxes or get plastic containers from companies like BungoBox or a U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box.
  • Be creative! Not everything needs to go into a moving box. Use your suitcases, trash bags, pillowcases, or clothes hampers as make-shift moving boxes to save money and space.
  • Moving boxes are just one piece of the puzzle. Other supplies you will want to think about using:
  • Tape, blankets, lifting tools such as a dolly, covers and bags, locks for a storage unit, rope and tie-downs, plastic wrap, box stuffing like bubble wrap, and lifting straps.