Moving Box Creativity

So you are half way through packing for your new home and you’re out of boxes.  You have a couple choices.

You can drive to Home Depot or your storage unit, spend more money and get more boxes or you can look around your home and see what you can use for free!

Let’s try free first. Time to get creative!

1. Socks- Socks aren’t just for feet. Socks are perfect for anything small you want to keep together like loose change, jewelry, or other knick-knacks. Just make sure they are washed first.

2. Tupperware- Tupperware is great for storing and stacking especially for other kitchen items. Once you arrive at your new home you can unpack it all in the right spots.

3. Garbage Bags- Garbage bags are great for lights items or clothes. The draw back here is if someone punctures the bag you stuff might spill out.

4. Clothes Hampers-  If you already have clothes in your hamper you can save a trip to the wash and just load it onto the truck.  

5. Dressers- Dressers already have stuff in them so this is a classic win-win. Except for the movers because this can make you dressers extra heavy.  You can take your drawers out and stack those together as you move your dresser to make it lighter for the move.

6. Suitcases- Usually I keep my suitcases in my suitcases for less storage space like a nesting doll. But each suitcase can carry a lot so get each size and fill it up!

7. Backpacks- Backpacks are great for personal items you need to keep on you or that you might need like an overnight bag.

8.  Pots and Pans- Another great natural kitchen storage unit. Just make sure you wrap it to get everything inside the pot.

9. Trash Cans- As long as they are clean trash cans can come in very handy.  First they can help you get rid of all your junk you kept over the years that you don’t need. Then they can carry the belongings you want to keep to your new home.

10. Amazon Boxes- The average American receives (or at least at my house) 17 Amazon packages a day.  Start saving these boxes a few months leading up to your move and you might not need to buy any new cardboard boxes for the move.

If you still need more boxes after using everything you can in your home and don’t want to spend extra money still turn to social media. Odds are someone has extra boxes available that you can use.

Happy Packing!