Home Maintenance Tips To Sell For Top Dollar

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Every seller wants their home to sell for top dollar. Unless you’re selling to your grandmother, then you should just be nice.

To sell for top dollar, it will take you a little bit (and for some homes a lotta bit) of effort. The average person sells their home every seven years. That is a lot of living, along with the maintenance you have put off until next weekend for the last 28 weekends.

As potential buyers look at your home, they need to envision themselves living there. Many repairs may have a story behind them that you mean a lot to you, but your buyers won’t have the emotional connection you do.
Here are five quick tips that you can do to spruce up your home that takes minimal effort:

  1. Paint touch-ups: Your door frames have taken a beating. Give them a quick wash and touch up the paint. Then look for other areas you can touch up the paint like walls, baseboards, and doors.
  2. Do the little repairs: Your buyer will have an inspector come over once you agree on an offer. The inspector’s job is to find every wrong so he will find it anyway. Having a clean inspection will help with final negotiations later.
  3. Weed your yard: Your front yard is the first thing buyers will see when arriving at your home. Having weeds in your yard shows that the home is not well maintained.
  4. Declutter: You will be moving soon, so you will need to start throwing away or giving away stuff you don’t need anyway. A clean, open home helps buyers mentally place their belongings in your home. It’s science, so it works.
  5. Power wash the driveway and sidewalk: Ok, so this isn’t as easy and cheap, but a good power washing can make your driveway look brand new. Plus, once you get going, you won’t stop. For us perfectionists, you will then spray your house, garage, and kids if they need it.
    There are many more things you can do to help increase the value of your home. These are a great start, and if you need more tips or have questions on the home selling process, feel free to reach out!