Start The Right Way To Get The Home You Want

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In today’s market, it is more important than ever to start your home search in the right direction. Buying a home can be stressful enough without skipping important steps to make sure you can get the home you dream about at night.

Here are three house shopping tips that can play a significant role in your house buying journey:

  1. Know Your Down Payment Options
    If you are not buying a home in cash, begin planning how you will handle the down payment and how much you plan to put down. If you can put down 20% or more, you may qualify to have your private mortgage insurance (PMI) waived. PMI helps cover the lender if something happens to your loan if you are unable to pay in the future.
    If a 20 percent down payment is too much, other programs can assist. There are many government assistance programs along with state or local incentives of which you can take advantage. Check with your agents and lender for what you might qualify.
  2. Get Pre-Approved For A Loan
    Getting pre-approved is an important step that many homebuyers skip. You should get pre-approved before you start seeing homes. Sellers have become wary of offers without pre-approval, and many agents will not show homes without it. It indicates to the sellers that you’re a serious and qualified buyer, which can help you stay ahead of other buyers when you are ready to make an offer.
  3. Determine What You Want
    The more specific, the better. Start big with the area, then start narrowing it down. Through the MLS, agents have specific data to filter out the properties you don’t want and focus on the ones you will want.
    Navigating the home buying process can be tricky, but starting in the right direction in the beginning can simplify the process.
    That’s why using an agent is so advantageous. They have seen it all before and are local experts who will help you avoid the pitfalls of the home buying process.