5 Reasons Why Buying Is Better Than Renting

Oh, the great rent vs. buy debate. What’s the better choice? Obviously, both sides will feel passionate about what they think is best, but we can think of some pretty solid reasons why you may want to ditch your landlord and buy a place of your own.

1. Make Your Place Your Own:

When you purchase a home your living space is yours to do with what you please. Whether that means painting your kitchen bright pink, knocking down a wall, or having a Great Dane as a pet, there’s no one to tell you otherwise.

2. No Landlord:

We’ve all had landlord horror stories. Yes, some are sweet old ladies, but even if they are super sweet that does not mean if you’re A/C goes they will be quick to fix it.

3. Financial Stability:

Raised rent prices again? No one has time for that. Yes, when you buy a home you’ll have to pay for the mortgage, but at least you know it’s a set rate and won’t go up every year.

4. Moving Is The Worst:

At any given time, a renter can be notified that their home is going on the market which means you could be looking for a. new home at the drop of a hat. When the house is yours, you never have to worry about packing up and finding a new place.

5. Build For The Future:

Owning a home means you get to build equity for the future with an appreciating asset. Every time to make a payment you own more and more of the home.

If you have more questions on the advantages of buying your own home, feel free to reach out!